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ASPS has you Boating Education ready for you!
We will be offering a variety of courses and seminars at several different venues. Keep your eye on the Anchor Watch and our webpage for announcements and updates. We also advertise in The Capital, Spinsheet and Pr

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Summer Happenings:

Annapolis Sail and Power Squadrons will be working with Kent Narrows Power and Sail to

begin the on the water trainig for this area.

On-The Water, Hands-On Instruction

 The following programs are available for USPS members

Jump Start Program
One‐on‐one training for the new boat owner using the student’s boat, no cost.
Also is a good class for an inexperienced spouse.

On-the-Water Guides
Extend classroom training to on‐the‐water exercises, no cost.
Training is available for basic seamanship and navigation on-the-water.

Basic Powerboat
Covers basic powerboat handling, no experience required, 16’- 26’ boats, no cost.
Large Powerboat
Covers large powerboat handling for boats >26’, no cost.

Boat Operator Certification
Inland Navigator June 30, 2018 Kent Island Maryland
Certify skills for basic boat handling, Powerboat16’-26’, Cost $44
Coastal Navigator
Certify skills for basic coastal navigation, Cost $44
Advanced Coastal Navigator
Certify skills for advanced coastal navigation Cost $44
Offshore Navigator
Certify skills for offshore navigation Cost $44

The schedule for these programs is being developed.

For further information or to sign up

Contact:  John Locke at 443 262-8271 or email
Or Joe Burke at 410 279-0862 or email

Check Kent Narrows Sail and Power Squadron for additional courses.  If ASPS doesn't have the course you need, check with our friends across the Bay Bridge.  Check out their Newslettter "Tidelines" May/June Newsletter ( )

For KNSPS Courses and Seminars, Contact:
Joe Burke, 410-279-0862
or register on-line at
Or John Locke 443-262-6892


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