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Marine Navigation:


Marine Navigation

Title: Marine Navigation - New Piloting Replacement
Date: Tuesdays, October 01, 2024 to December 10, 2024
Time: 6:45pm - 9:00pm
Where: Via Zoom, Login information provided after registration
Materials: Provided through emails
Cost: ASPS Members $80.00, Non Members $90.00. Book Printed or E-Book $28.00
Instructor: Stf/C Michael Maszczenski, N

Marine Navigation is the first of the navigational classes focusing on techniques for piloting a boat incoastal and inland conditions. The course emphasizes planning and checking along with the use of GPS and other electronic systems for determining position, and introduces digital charting along with traditional charting, compass, and dead reckoning skills. Plotting, use of the compass, aids to navigation, electronic tools and a host of related topics are included in this all-new approach to coastal, inland and river piloting. This course uses the Bowditch Bay practice chart and local charts, the USPS 4"X15" plotter and dividers. Computer with OpenCPN must be student provided.


The Student Kit includes the Student Manual, the Plotting and Labeling Standards Learning Guide and instructions for downloading, installing, and using OpenCPN. OpenCPN is a free, marine navigation program that is state-of-the-art and in wide use by commercial and recreational boating enthusiasts. OpenCPN runs on a variety of environments, including Windows, Android tablets and phones, and MAC OS, but not iPhones or iPads. (The larger screens of desktop or laptop computers work best.)

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Radar for Boaters:


Radar for Boaters

Essential Tool for Navigation and Collision Avoidance


Title: Radar for Boators
Date: Thursdays, November 07, 2024 to Decenber 12, 2024
Time: 6:45pm - 9:15pm
Where: Via Zoom, Login information provided after registration
Materials: Provided through emails
Cost: ASPS Members $80.00, Non Members $90.00. Cost for Book Included.
Instructor: P/C John Wesley Nash, SN-IN

Marine radars have been available for many years. In many ways, their principles, technologies, and general configuration hasn’t changed much over the years. They have always been considered an essential requirement for effective navigation, blind piloting, and collision avoidance. Many boaters and professional mariners wouldn’t consider leaving the dock at night or in challenging weather conditions without a functioning radar system onboard.

Over the last few years, the options for technology, installation, and integration of radar into the electronic navigation systems of recreational boats has changed greatly. It’s not your father’s radar system anymore. Advancements in solid-state technology have made HD radars, Broadband radars, and even Doppler radar technologies realistic options for the recreational boating market. Integrating, and knowing how to properly use these new technologies is essential for maximizing collision avoidance and situation awareness. This includes integrating AIS, MARPA, and radar overlay onto your electronic charts on MFDs. (Multi-Function Displays) Those are some of the subjects this course will cover. Here are some of the others:

    ♦ The Basics and History of Radar                      ♦ How and Why Radar Works
    ♦ Controlling & Interpreting the Display             ♦ Interfacing & Integrating Radar Systems
    ♦ Navigation & Blind Piloting Using Radar        ♦ Radar Plotting & Collision Avoidance   
    ♦ Heavy Weather & Obstruction Avoidance        ♦ What Can Go Wrong & What to Do About It

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